Cool Country Radio has ceased broadcasting on 1476AM


Cool Country 2KA has ceased transmitting on 1476AM and it’s FM LPON Frequencies as of Tuesday 24th February 2015.

The Management and Crew would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the loyal listeners for their many years of Support.

Cool Country shall continue to STREAM via the internet for the time being. Please keep an eye on this web site for future developments.

Sincerest thanks,
Ken, Noel, Cameron, John, Dean and the rest of the team.


Cool Country Radio has ceased broadcasting on 1476AM — 48 Comments

  1. I have listened to you for years – now what do I do?? And who will air the American Countdown ? And who will play country music. What can we do to help???

    • With the abrupt ending of transmission on 1476AM , I look back at how the gap between modern country music and mainstream music has been brought closer together, and in the last 5 to 7 years has been helped along and widely accepted a lot more with artists like Taylor, Keith, Carrie… There artists along with many others have been brought to life with thanks to broadcasters such as Cool Country Radio / Hot Country / CMC and many more.. It is a real shame (For Western Sydney) to lose such a driving force in bringing country music to the masses. Festivals such as CMC rocks & local country events rely on these stations to survive, and mostly wouldn’t exist without the support of broadcasters to bring it to us , the people who pay to go and see these events. New country music through Kix Brooks and his countdown have allowed us to hear the latest and greatest songs right now. Touring artists of late such as Alan Jackson / Toby Keith , and many others may not have had such support here without this support.

      For now we can STILL here cool country streaming as information is still sketchy at best on the future of this great station .. Let’s hope for the businesses that I’ve supported from hearing it on 2KA. Fingers crossed a resolution can be obtained as the momentum of country music keeps getting stronger every year

  2. Sad news Ken!
    Have been listening since the Bedfords had skyfm playing country music with no commentary and later when Cameron was there the first time!
    Any chance of a reprieve?

  3. How did this come about? Cool Country is a Product of Australia. What is Rooty Hill doing to support this relationship and for that matter Penrith RSL, Panthers and all points West. People out there write to your News Paper Local Member, federal Member these people need people power – that’s you.

  4. We are devestated. We loved listening to cool country. Anyway this can be changed 🙁 what can we listen to now when we have a fire and a wine.

  5. This really is devastating news! I don’t know what I can do now. 2ka was really the best station that I have ever listened to.

  6. Been listening since around 1996. Even went thru the proposed close down around 2000 and the radio messages to contact local pm to prevent closure. Hope the station starts again in the future

  7. what devastating news. Been listening to cool country for nearly 20 years. What a blow to us country lovin listeners and country music and country music venues.

  8. I thought there was something wrong with the radio in the car.
    As soon as we would come out of the city on our way home, it was a quick flick to 1476 and smiles all round while we would sing along.
    Is there anything that can be done to reverse this? This is terrible, we have lost an asset 🙁

  9. What about the now and up and coming artists how do we get to hear them mainstream won’t play them.We Need Coolcountryradio

  10. Yes,I thought there was something wrong with my radio or that your antenna was damaged in the storms!! This is a big blow to country music lovers,we need this radio station!!! American Country Countdown,all your programs,I am at a loss to express my heartbreak! Country Music is the only station I listen to,Please,Please do something!!

  11. Yes,I thought something was wrong with my radio too!! Please do something to return to the airwaves as country music lovers will be at a loss!! I have been a loyal listener for years, Discovered my love for country music via this radio station! heartbroken truly heartbroken..

  12. Can not believe this has happened. I have been with you for many years and even converted people over to your music. Will be a sad lose for Rooty Hill RSL as you kept us up to date on what was on.
    Hope to hear you back soon. Why did this happen?

  13. Cannot understand why the radio station has been shut down. Surely with all the people listening to the only station that is purely playing Australian and American country music, we should be able to have a say.Sorely missed and will have to play cd’s in the car instesad of listening to all the other garbage on Aussie radio (Including Ads, Ads and more Ads

  14. We are so disappointed to see this station go. What will we listen to now? We will have to buy every country music CD we come across to hear some decent music in the car. What a sad time this is for every “True Blue Australian” who values the meaning and culture of country music….. What’s happening to our country and I ask what’s the value of a radio with no cool country? I say obsolete!

  15. Here at Gymea Bay we are way outside of your regular AM footprint but hooked up a large outside aerial so that we could hear you everyday without having to use the computer. You have been without doubt our favorite radio station for many years and we will really miss you. You have also kept us informed of many great live country gigs which we have trekked across town to enjoy.

  16. Really disappointed you won’t be on air anymore. Loved this station listened to it all over sydney when traveling for work and always made me happy. Hope you come back soon

  17. I am so devastated – Cool Country is the only radio station I listen to and support! I love you guys and the American Country Countdown!!! What happened! Why did you stop so randomly! I woke up one morning and my station was gone!!!
    It is obvious that me and all of your supporters would have done what we could to support you to stay on had we had known…
    Please come back we need you – you are the voice of Country Music here in Australia and now can only access Country Music through CMC…

    Whatever happened please come back.

  18. Really really sad to hear you are no longer broadcasting.I live out near Windsor on 5 acres beer,the shed and cool country doesn’t get any better. But sadly no more cool country hope you can come back on the air, Good Luck to all of you. As Jeannie Bella wrote we need Cool Country and so do all the Australian Country Music Artists.

  19. Hi everyone I followed this station, from when Mike bedford played an active part in it after 1996 maybe, before that, and had lots of trouble hearing, it on FM I’m happy i can hear it on the net but feel for those who have bad internet coverage. bondy dave bunt cam and dean, and not forgetting all others who were involved keep it up everyone! cool country 2KA has to be their for us playing the best of new and classic country we have to make a stand. Its the only alternative to the boring crap on radio.

    • As I read your comments tonight I fear the worst , at 7:20pm (17/03/2015 ) the live stream of the broadcast that was still alive was playing up on a song, (like someone skipping through it) then it faded to dead air…. The stream is still alive but nothing playing… Is that it ? Can someone “officially” say anything to this ? Hope it is back on when I wake up in the morning, going to leave the stream going through hifi… It better not be the end!!!

  20. Shocking news that cool country is gone. Was the best station in Sydney and preset button no1 in every car I drive.
    Cool country will be sorely missed…


  22. This is a massive loss for western sydney, there is nothing else like this. Can you reopen on a new frequency perhaps? there have always been problems with the tower on 1476 frequency. Life won’t be the same, I just hope there’s some way around this and you come back on the air 🙂

  23. It’s a great loss to me losing this station I don’t go out offen in my car and always listened to this station
    Looks like I’ll be using my iPhone listen to country as I do not like mainstream radio sorry to to see you go

  24. We used to pack the Hollywood Country Music Club at Lansvale, then big mining made an offer the family couldn’t refuse, I felt empty for years ’till I found Cool Country, I even put money into the broadcasting fight , now , like the rest of your listeners, I feel empty, with nothing to look forward to each day thanks heaps.

  25. Another one that thought there was an issue with the radio.

    What is the reason behind the station no longer broadcasting?

    Is there anything we can do?

    There are no other country stations out here.

  26. Cool Country awakened in me a real and abiding love for country music really fed my soul. I had never been a fan of listening to the radio before.

    I had been wondering why all I was getting recently was interference. I could only pick it up in the car and since I do not drive to work I didn’t hear it as often as I would have liked.

    Listening to Cool Country was directly responsible for my purchase of several country music CD’s.

    I have a saying, “Everyone comes back to country music eventually. “

  27. Oh no all this time I thought something was wrong with the radio! That’s why I came online after checking it if there was something wrong! We need you back!

  28. No one has explained the reason for the closure.

    Cool country provided an alternative and it will truly be missed

  29. WTF !!?? … came back from OS and I thought you guys had gone to another frequency or across to FM and I couldn’t get reception where I am but today I find out you’ve packed up and gone while those cretins at 2GB and 2UE are still here … you turned me into a country fan and now there’s nowhere to go … like I asked at the beginning … WTF !!??

  30. For ages with my car radio, I had thought there was a problem with your transmission, as I was getting intermittent reception for a time on AM1476. I then tuned to FM88 in the hope it would eventually come back. Then about 2 months ago, I thought maybe my car radio had loose wiring, but decided to check other stations before asking my son to have a look at it for me, only to find that the other stations were coming through loud & clear. So I have been driving around tuned in listening to static, & anticipating your return. It was only today that I finally remembered to look online to see if your frequency had changed. Have listened since you first hit the air waves & am so disappointed to know you have ceased transmission. Country music is so much more relaxing to listen to compared to much of the other genres played these days. There are a host of great country artists out there, so how do we now get exposure to the music we love? And where do new up & coming artists find their big breaks? Not happy at all about this..

  31. Like everyone else thought my radio was playing up , feeling like they must think there is only few people that would listen to country music . not happy at all I no its not cool country those that have digital radio there is a good country station called the range or u can have abc country if not I guess CDs it is not happy

  32. I miss your station and thought Cameron, John and Dean were fabulous and your music selection was second to none BUT having said that I knew something was wrong when you had to resort to that dreadful sounding old fart David Bunt on in both the morning and the afternoon. I figured money must have been tight if that was the best you could afford to have on during the week. He was the worst I have heard (even by community radio standards) and it was ironic that someone who sounded SO UNCOOL was on a station called COOL country all day long. In any case I will miss the good old days of 2KA and it will be a cherished memory of the years I lived in Mulgoa before moving to Bega. I wish you all the very best.

  33. I miss the old style country radio stations. The big city stations with their celebrities don’t come across as genuine as the local announcers in the country stations. We’ve all lost a bit of the country’s character with the closure of 2KA. Change and consolidation are not always for the better.

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