High repetition radio advertising is the way to build your brand and spread your message. At the increasingly popular COOL COUNTRY 2KA, our inexpensive rates make it absolutely EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE.

Reach a dedicated niche audience across West Sydney with advertising coverage equivalent to 15 local newspapers.


  • Radio is a low cost, high impact means of reaching vast numbers of people.
  • Australians spend approx 20 hours per week tuning into radio – it’s everywhere!
  • Radio reaches more than 94% of the population over the age of 12.
  • More people listen to radio than watch TV.

We reach a specifically targeted group of listeners bounded by Richmond/Windsor to the North, Campbelltown/Camden to the South, Springwood to the West and Parramatta to the East.

We cover a dynamic and growing marketplace, with business output in excess of $70 billion per year.

As Greater Sydney’s only 24/7 Country Music narrowcast radio service, we are the driving force behind the regions Country music fan base.

We can offer effective and affordable advertising spot packages due to our low cost operational structure.


  • They are country music fans, mainly in the 25 to 54 age group with high disposable incomes, and are active purchasers.
  • Retirees who appreciate country music also make up a significant proportion of the Cool Country 2KA listener base.


We can develop and produce dynamic audio campaigns designed to meet your objectives with our nationally-renowned team of Creative professionals.

We can create anything from a simple single script voice advertisement, to multiple script/multiple voices including sound effects advertisements, as well as originally composed music jingles. Jingle based ‘branding’ campaigns are our specialty.

We can add special impact by using ‘as live reads’ from our on-air presenters and Outside Broadcast (OB) transmissions from your place of business.

We can increase the prominence of your campaign by including a SPONSORSHIP Package of one of our feature programs.

To deliver GREAT VALUE. To surprise you at just how affordable our high repetition radio advertising packages really are.

To work with you, and generate the campaign you want, plus advise you on the campaign repetition you will require on-air to achieve your desired result.